May 9, 2022

Interview with Pam Gregory!!

I was interviewed by the amazing Pam Gregory and suddenly my life has pretty much exploded! There I was quietly getting on with ridding myself of things that weren’t working and lamenting things that I thought were losses. And here’s where lessons were learned: yup I lost a few things but they were doing nothing but holding me back and making me miserable. Once I realised this, new projects, opportunities and connections (welcome new subscribers!) had plenty of room to take root. So here’s an example: In 2013, after a full Jupiter cycle, I set myself the task of writing […]
June 7, 2020

Between a Sock and a Hard Place: Astrological Dreamwork

With transiting Mars and Neptune in Pisces opposing my natal Uranus/Pluto conjunction, I’ve been attracting a lot of clients who request dream interpretations. Dreamwork has long been a fascination of mine. Having grown up in an Ojibwa household, I hold great respect for what our unconscious mind tries to tell us. You see, when you sleep your spirit is free to roam the world. Your dreams are what we remember of its adventures. Asibikaashi, the spider grandmother, taught women how to make dreamcatchers to protect children from nightmares. Any bad experience the spirit encountered would not be able to re-enter […]
July 22, 2020

The Queen and Her Angry Spirit: Astrological Dreamwork

“V” had another interesting dream, the private funeral of a dead Queen. I love dreamwork and have been adding to my case studies in preparation for a future astrology presentation. V has yet again been kind enough to let me analyse a dream. By the way, if you’d like a dream interpreted, I can help. I know how disturbing dreams can be and understanding them is a great source of comfort. Please see my products page to book an appointment. There are a few other examples of dreamwork if you’d like to read: Along Came A Spider The Lost Suitcase […]
July 23, 2020

The Lost Suitcase: Astrological Dreamwork

I had an anxiety dream last night about a lost suitcase. After the dream, I was shaken up and went to my office to distract myself with emails until I calmed down. About an hour later, because it was so early in the morning, I went back to bed to try to sleep. The result was about 4 hours of half-sleep because I kept jerking awake. I kept thinking I was falling down stairs or in a high speed car that was about to crash. By the way, if you’d like a dream interpreted, I can help. I know how […]
September 21, 2021

Astrological Dreamwork: Out With a Bang

I love Astrological Dreamwork because our subconscious very often gives us such a great insight into complicated situations and emotions. In this interpretation, the Dreamer wanted to make a quick exit to stage left. But things take a rather unusual turn. Whatever could it mean? #dreamwork #astrology


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