April 7, 2022

Cycles of Child Development in Astrology

I believe it is important to work with children’s charts. However, firm boundaries need to be made and only astrologers with the right training in child protection (including police clearence) should be working with  the charts of children. For many reasons, astrologers should never compromise their consultancy practices by working with unspuervised children. However, understanding the cycles of child development in astrology is a useful tool for the toolkit of any astrologer. For a parent who is struggling with understanding their child (particularly their teenager), this tool is particularly useful and can be easily shared by an astrologer. For those […]
June 18, 2020

Mirror Mirror

My sweet friend Gaye Alkan recently hosted me so I could talk about my lecture for the International Society of Astrological Research (ISAR) and upcoming book, “Mirror Mirror: Famous People and the Actors Who Have Portrayed Them.” The introduction is in Turkish (for just a minute) and rest is in English. Scroll to the bottom to skip the commercial break. Quick Commercial Break! Before we go any further, please follow me on social media. I’m active on Facebook, Twitter, youtube, Linkedin and and Instagram. If you’d like to have a chart reading, please make an appointment via my products page. My book […]
August 25, 2020

Mirror Mirror: Famous People and the Actors Who Portrayed Them

Astrology and Biopics: Simply down to excellent makeup, brilliant acting and wonderful direction? Or could there be more to the story?


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