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Titanic Trenoweth
Tales from the ‘Titanic’
June 29, 2020
lost suitcase
The Lost Suitcase: Astrological Dreamwork
July 23, 2020
Titanic Trenoweth
Tales from the ‘Titanic’
June 29, 2020
lost suitcase
The Lost Suitcase: Astrological Dreamwork
July 23, 2020

The Queen and Her Angry Spirit: Astrological Dreamwork

dead queen

“V” had another interesting dream, the private funeral of a dead Queen. I love dreamwork and have been adding to my case studies in preparation for a future astrology presentation. V has yet again been kind enough to let me analyse a dream.

By the way, if you’d like a dream interpreted, I can help. I know how disturbing dreams can be and understanding them is a great source of comfort. Please see my products page to book an appointment.

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V’s Dream

Dreams can be so powerful that they can slip through the traps of consciousness. These are the ones we remember when we are awake. V said:

“Dream last night. At the private funeral of a royal Queen. The tomb vibrated, objects moved about, indicating an angry spirit. What looked like a small branch or large twig flew out of the hands of one servant and into the hands of another.”

I received the dream 22 July 2020 at 16:09, London UK and constructed the chart (Regiomantus chart):


The symbols are:

–A funeral held in private

–A Royal Queen

–A vibrating tomb

–Moving objects as if by an angry spirit

–A branch

–The branch flying from the hands of servant into the hands of another

Following the rules for dream interpretation, the symbolism was very clear:

The Moon in Leo represents V as the dreamer and is in 9th house (the dream itself). The 9th house Moon is within 4 degrees of V’s natal Pluto and descendant. This may account for the intensity of it. According to Deborah Houlding, the 9th house is also about “Long distance travel, voyages and journeys that take us to an unfamiliar environment. Overseas, foreign countries and distant places. Foreigners, pilgrims and explorers. Places and situations where we seek guidance and wisdom from others. Where we reach out into the unknown in search of widening our knowledge and understanding.” 

Leo of course is a Royal sign and so is an apt symbol for the Queen of the dream. The ruler of the 9th house, the Sun, is in the 8th (death and privacy) and opposite the triple conjunction of Pluto (the co-ruler of the chart), Jupiter and Saturn in the 2nd. The 2nd house, according to Houlding, rules moveable possessions (i.e. not houses). Although a little too far out of orb to be opposite the Sun, by conjunction to the other planets, Jupiter as the ruling planet of the 2nd, is pulled into the configuration. The dream could be connected to finances.

Mercury in Cancer, ruled by the Moon in Leo, is also in the 8th house. Mercury rules the 10th house which is about matters relating to employment and reputation. Mars, in its dignity in Aries, is in the 4th house and is square to Mercury. In horary, the 4th house is the father and Mars rules the chart. This is the angry spirit with a message. The ruler of the 4th is Jupiter (and Neptune) which is part of that triple opposition to the Sun. Could V’s dream be about his parents rowing over money in the Afterlife?

Because the dream was so powerful, I immediately thought of connections to V’s deceased mother who was a foreigner and so my first thought was that the dead Queen represented her. Could it be that V felt she wanted him to do something? Did V feel his mother was trying to tell him something about the way he was managing his finances or legacy (8th house)? However, I wanted V to confirm this rather than me suggesting it.

The Mourning After

After reading my rudimental interpretation of the symbols, V told me he had been going through a phase of disarray and was feeling he was in a crisis. Like too many of us, V indicated a lack of social stimulation meant it was hard not to fill lonely hours with bad habits (such as drinking on our own) which we would never do outside of lockdown. Neptune is conjunct the IC of the dream chart and it rules his natal Moon in Pisces. After the dream, he felt he needed to restore order in his life.

It seemed to me V felt ‘told off’ and was compelled to do something. He confirmed this by saying one of the things he did the morning after the dream was to resolve an issue with the bank. Sometimes you don’t even have to understand the symbols consciously in order to act. This is the real beauty of dreams: they tell us what we need to know.

The final symbol of the dream was the exchange of the branches between servants. In the dream chart, Uranus is in Taurus (leaves, plants etc) and is in 6th (servants). Uranus trines the MC in Virgo, a double-bodied sign representing the exchange. The earthiness of these signs seems to symbolise the branches in the dream and its transference from Taurus (stability) to Virgo (the sign of health and wellness) seemed to indicate a worry he had. Was V worried about compromising his health (Virgo conjunct MC) because of his need to stabilise his finances through work? V had had his annual health check recently and any test–be it medical or otherwise–causes stress. Although the medical test went well, there seemed to be things on V’s mind that caused him to worry through his dreams.

Natal Connections

The Mercury and Mars of the dream were square so it is interesting both feature in V’s transits to his natal planets. V has transiting Uranus in Taurus conjunct his Mercury. This signals shifts in thinking and communicating as it occurs in his natal 3rd house. Such radical changes can be a challenge to work with and certainly V seems very busy with Mercurial themes. Transiting Mercury in Cancer is conjunct his natal Mars in the 5th house which is a signal that V needs to address what he does for recreation. In V’s case, it was realising he needed to cut back on alcohol. He understood this message and is taking appropriate steps.

These astrological symbols seem to have a meaning for V and so they have entered his dreamworld.

Alex Trenoweth
Alex Trenoweth
Alex Trenoweth, MA, DFAstrolS is an astrologer, teacher and author of "Growing Pains", "The Wolf You Feed" and the soon-to-be-released "Mirror Mirror" by The Wessex Astrologer. She travels across the globe lecturing on the topic of Astrology and Education. In 2015, she was voted "Best International Astrologer" for her innovative research on astrology and adolescence. Her work has been published in major astrological magazines around the world such as Dell Horoscope, the International Society of Astrological Research, the Organization for Professional Astrologers and she is co-editor of "Constellation News", one of the largest astrological magazines on the planet.


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