Latvia Astrology Conference

November 11, 2019
In Cold Blood

In Cold Blood: the Book that Shocked America

On 14 November 1957, the Clutter Family was murdered in cold blood by intruders. The non fiction novel based on the murders, “In Cold Blood”, was written by the American author Truman Capote. The book detailed the horrific murder of the Clutter family. Completed in 1966, just after the execution of the perpetrators, “In Cold Blood” was an instant bestseller. Arguably, Capote also made the two murderers, Richard Hickok and Perry Smith posthumously famous. However, Capote was condemned for using the gruesome details of the murders to bring attention to his book. More recently, “In Cold Blood” has been criticised for […]
September 30, 2019

Latvian Astrology Conference Review

How on earth did I find myself speaking at the Latvian Astrology Conference when I couldn’t even speak a word of Latvian? I had been lecturing in Porto Portugal at the 1st International Astrology Conference in February 2017, when I was invited to speak in Latvia. I had heard of Latvia but wasn’t entirely confident I could put it on a map. But I said yes to the invitation anyway. That I could be so ignorant about what would be a fantastic adventure still embarrasses me. The Latvian Astrology Conference, held in Riga and organised by the wonderful Liga Sirona […]