May 9, 2022

Interview with Pam Gregory!!

I was interviewed by the amazing Pam Gregory and suddenly my life has pretty much exploded! There I was quietly getting on with ridding myself of things that weren’t working and lamenting things that I thought were losses. And here’s where lessons were learned: yup I lost a few things but they were doing nothing but holding me back and making me miserable. Once I realised this, new projects, opportunities and connections (welcome new subscribers!) had plenty of room to take root. So here’s an example: In 2013, after a full Jupiter cycle, I set myself the task of writing […]
October 2, 2011

Charles Baudelaire: A Sun/Moon Midpoint Study

Coming Soon A full 4 week workshop on Midpoints and Harmonics. Subscribe to my newsletter to keep track of upcoming events! In the Meantime How could even think about starting the school year without knowing where Jupiter is this year? Here’s a quick guide to help you understand your child’s or your classroom’s learning style. Click here for your free guide! JupiterDownload If you don’t know where Jupiter is in your chart, then here’s a free chart calculation service. For just $19.99, you can order an Adolescent Astrology Report straight from my website. It’s beautifully illustrated and is packed with important information about […]


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