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September 6, 2017

Newsletter: Back to School September 2017

“That Time of Year Again” I’ve blogged about the last leg of my adventure in the US so I won’t repeat myself on my website but I will take the opportunity to announce a few upcoming lectures, writing gigs and other adventures happening. Be sure to go all the way to the bottom of this page to find special offers and other goodies. Having landed safely at Heathrow fresh from my US tour, I rushed off to say au revoir  to my very good friend Tahran Read of Spica Astrology over lunch at one of his favourite restaurants. Tahran and I […]
October 2, 2011

Harmonic Case Studies: 7H (Jim Morrison)

David Hamblin indicates that a connection between planets in the 7H chart is romantic in nature. The native is inspired by the idea of bringing them together and may fantasise about this which affects his view of the world. An immediate reaction to the 7H chart is one of more ease than that of the 5H chart because there are more trines, suggesting that Morrison could more easily and fluently bring his fantasies to life without so much effort. Although the chart contains a T Square (Node, Moon, Mercury), the 7H chart has more trines and fewer squares and sextiles. […]
October 2, 2011

Harmonic Case Studies: 5H (Jim Morrison)

Jim Morrison’s 5th harmonic Morrison’s aspect frequency analysis report from his natal chart shows a less than average number of hits for the conjunction and trine and, with the exception of the semi-square, for the minor aspects of semisesquiquadrate, semi-sextile and quintile. Morrison has slightly more hits than expected for the square and opposition. However, natally, it is the number of hits for the sextile, semi square and bi-quintile aspects that stand out most as they are in abundance in Morrison’s chart. Planets linked by the sextile aspect work together harmoniously, efficiently and productively and “can be symbolised by the […]
October 2, 2011

Charles Baudelaire: The Midpoint Journey

On its own, the first Saturn square can be quite traumatic: the child usually experiences the first real taste of restriction and discipline. The loss of the baby teeth—replaced by permanent ones—also seems an apt symbol of this stage of development. One cannot really expect a young child to understand what the loss of a parent really means soon after the event.  It would seem this is the case for the young Baudelaire whose transiting Saturn not only squared itself in the months following the bereavement but it also transited the pertinent midpoints, which only serve to verify the young […]
October 2, 2011

Charles Baudelaire: Asc/MC Midpoint Study

Baudelaire was a Virgo rising, signifying his approach to life would be expected to be one of service, discrimination and critical examination.  From the case notes provided, it is clear Baudelaire used the energy of his ascendant to impose a strict regime of discipline upon himself because he believed creation was not possible without it.  However, the facets of his outlook on life can be better explored through examining his ruling planet, Mercury. In many ways this philosophy counterbalances the effects of what astrologers interpret as the rather sloppy effects of the ruling planet Mercury in Pisces.  The ascendant may […]
October 2, 2011

Charles Baudelaire: A Sun/Moon Midpoint Study

Those who have studied astrology are very aware that there are ways of employing different astrological techniques to arrive at the same conclusion as the more popular technique of chart analysis. For example, midpoints, the halfway point of planets. Midpoints are not “real” planets but half sums of two planets’ position in the zodiac. This series of astrological articles on the life of the writer Charles Baudelaire uses the interpretation of important midpoints (Sun/Moon and ascendant/descendant) only as a means of demonstrating the versatility of astrology. A Brief History of Midpoints Guido Bonati (d. between 1296 and 1300) used midpoints […]
July 22, 2011

Harmonic Case Studies: 7H (Charles Baudelaire)

Hamblin indicates that the number 7 is traditionally viewed as a magical or mysterious number.  As he writes:  “Human order may be found in the number Five, but cosmic order is sought in the number Seven.”[1]  Charles Harvey adds that 7H chart is about what turns us on and that it “will lift us into a higher order of vision and understanding.  It shows our receptivity to the influx of supernal energies and circumstances, which can thus open us to the “breathing in” of the Divine.”[2]  However, Hamblin attributes the sense of Divine to the 9H chart and the 7H […]