May 9, 2022

Interview with Pam Gregory!!

I was interviewed by the amazing Pam Gregory and suddenly my life has pretty much exploded! There I was quietly getting on with ridding myself of things that weren’t working and lamenting things that I thought were losses. And here’s where lessons were learned: yup I lost a few things but they were doing nothing but holding me back and making me miserable. Once I realised this, new projects, opportunities and connections (welcome new subscribers!) had plenty of room to take root. So here’s an example: In 2013, after a full Jupiter cycle, I set myself the task of writing […]
July 23, 2020

The Lost Suitcase: Astrological Dreamwork

I had an anxiety dream last night about a lost suitcase. After the dream, I was shaken up and went to my office to distract myself with emails until I calmed down. About an hour later, because it was so early in the morning, I went back to bed to try to sleep. The result was about 4 hours of half-sleep because I kept jerking awake. I kept thinking I was falling down stairs or in a high speed car that was about to crash. By the way, if you’d like a dream interpreted, I can help. I know how […]


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