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Ben Stiller

Alex Trenoweth

Astrologer Alex Trenoweth examines the life of Ben Stiller

Alex Trenoweth
Astrologer Alex Trenoweth examines the life of Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller was born on 30 November 1965 at 17:35 (Rodden Rating: A; Collector: Rodden) in New York with Jupiter in Gemini and Saturn in Pisces. His versatility as an actor has led to his films raking in a massive $79 million a pop. To date he has written, starred in, directed and/or produced over 50 film projects.

As he is the son of veteran comedians/actors Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara, it seems almost inevitable that Ben would become a Hollywood player. However, as we all know, parental success is no guarantee of the child’s success.

By dissociate trine, Ben’s Jupiter and Saturn are in double bodied signs. Mutable signs are notoriously difficult to pin down because by definition they are changeable and adaptable. In my humble opinion as a teacher, I have found Jupiter and/or Saturn in mutable signs a challenge to teach. I’ve found these groups of students, their learning ruled by Mercury and Jupiter, very sensitive about their progress. On a more positive note, they love variety and trying new things. 

Not much is written about Ben’s life as an adolescent–other than he celebrated both Christmas and Hanukkah in his household. His dad was Jewish and his mum had converted from Catholicism. However, he had a Bar Mitzvah. This alone rather nicely demonstrates the dual nature of the mutable signs.  

Ben Stiller: Jupiter in Gemini

Jupiter in Gemini should be glorious pupils to teach. They love to learn, tend to be friendly and outgoing. However, their progress is just impossible to track because they are so adept at mimicry. So a teacher is lulled into this false sense of security. The temptation in teaching them is to push them on to new topics or tasks before they have fully understood the previous ones.

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Then you go to test them (when you can get them to class to take a test–these guys are excuse maestros) and they bomb quite spectacularly.   The problem with Jupiter in Gemini pupils is that (and I quote from Growing Pains): “learners get the distinct impression that reading is all important, God-like even. By a miraculous process, many of the pupils suddenly get it and are reading fluently, quietly and with voracity. For them the heavenly chorus of “hallelujah”  sounds. The class quickly polarises into those who can read and those who can’t, with those who can’t read being forced to kneel at the alter of knowledge until they see the light and convert.”

Ben Stiller: Saturn in Pisces

Saturn in Pisces learners can be difficult to teach because they fear being overwhelmed by knowledge and are therefore content to paddle on the shores of education. Yet they refuse to take the full plunge.   Nevertheless, Jupiter and Saturn in mutable signs of course make progress at their own speed. They also usually adjust well to all manner of circumstances even grumpy teachers).  

Ben Stiller had his first breakthrough on the television soap “Guiding Light” just after his final Saturn opposition when he was around 15 years old. He went on to appear in the highly successful “Empire of the Sun” (1987) as Saturn transited his Sun, Mercury and South Node in Sagittarius.

As Jupiter transited his Saturn in 1998, he starred in “There’s Something About Mary”. Jupiter transited his ascendant during the filming of “Zealander”. Jupiter transited his natal Uranus/Pluto conjunction in the wake of the success of “Dodgeball”. Interestingly, as Saturn opposed itself in 2008, he co-wrote, co-starred in and produced the movie “Tropic Thunder”. Ben Stiller had conceived the idea for the movie during filming on “Empire of the Sun” a lunar nodal cycle before.  

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