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Welcome to my booking page! Thank you for stopping by. If you wanted the free daily horoscopes they were on the dropdown but here are the individual links again!

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to stop offering free content until I can figure out a way to stop thieves from stealing my work, translating it into other languages and passing off my efforts as their own. I love interacting with my audience and it’s a pleasure to be able to give to the community but I’m drawing the line at allowing plagiarism. As the person/s who are doing this seem to visit this site at least once a day to rip me off, I’m letting them know I’m watching. As are other astrologers. 

I’ll leave this up for a few more days and then I’ll start re-structuring my website menu, etc.

To the honest visitors out there, I really appreciate your support and on behalf of the unscrupulous people out there, I’m sorry this has happened.














Choosing the astrology consultation that is right for you is very straightforward. If you have never had a consultation with me, you can simply choose the ‘new client’ option from the dropdown menu below. I also welcome couples and again, if you and your partner are new clients, please choose ‘new-couple’ from the options.

If you are a returning client/couple and have had your natal chart interpreted by me, you can choose to have your year ahead consultation.

My consultations are done via Zoom, Skype or telephone.

I also do dreamwork, family work , and coaching for long term goals (click the links for further information).

Please feel free to ask me questions about consultations via my contact page.

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