Anna Nicole Smith

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November 27, 2015
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Anna Nicole Smith

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Alex Trenoweth on the horoscope of Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith, Trenoweth

Anna Nicole Smith literally made–and lost–a fortune from her good looks. Born on 28 November 1967 at 3:15am in Mexia Texas (Rodden Rating:C; Collector: Schofield), she had Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Aries.

The marriage of her parents was short-lived and the young Anna grew up with five half siblings and was raised by her mother and aunt. The buxom blonde failed conventional schooling. She was working at a fried chicken restaurant when she met her first husband. They married in 1995.

However, the strikingly pretty girl hit the big time during her second Jupiter return when she met Hugh Hefner. He asked herto be on the front cover of the March issue of Playboy (1992). This Jupiter return consisted of a series of 3 conjunctions over a two year period. During this time she met the billionaire J. Howard Marshall, divorced her husband and went on to marry Marshall. She admitted to never kissing the 90 year old oil tycoon (let alone sleeping with him). She appeared to be eligible for some of his fortune as an heir of his estate. He died just after their first wedding anniversary.

Court Case

As transit Jupiter crossed her MC in 2002, she had a won a court case declaring she had a right to her deceased husband’s estate worth some 88 billion dollars. During this time, as Saturn opposed her natal Sun, she starred in The Anna Nicole Show, which had enjoyed high ratings due to contrived plot lines. Two years later, during her 3rd Jupiter return and as transit Saturn was conjunct her MC, she lost all her money when the previous court case was overturned.

In 2006, as Jupiter transited natal planets in Scorpio, Smith’s daughter was born. However, joy was to be short-lived as her son Daniel died a few days later as he visited his mother and sister in the maternity hospital. Transiting Neptune was square to her natal Mercury (disposition of her Natal Jupiter) when she sadly died from an overdose.

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