Newsletter: Back to School September 2017

Alex Trenoweth
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July 23, 2017
Alex Trenoweth
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April 18, 2018

Newsletter: Back to School September 2017

Alex Trenoweth

“That Time of Year Again”

I’ve blogged about the last leg of my adventure in the US so I won’t repeat myself on my website but I will take the opportunity to announce a few upcoming lectures, writing gigs and other adventures happening. Be sure to go all the way to the bottom of this page to find special offers and other goodies.

Having landed safely at Heathrow fresh from my US tour, I rushed off to say au revoir  to my very good friend Tahran Read of Spica Astrology over lunch at one of his favourite restaurants. Tahran and I worked together on a number of projects, most notably our “Across the Universe” webinars  which were released this time last year and are still available for purchase. We also filmed videos for all the signs of the zodiac (with Sonal Sachdeva’s Circle of Divine) for the year ahead 2017 which was a lot of fun but also a lot of hard work made easier by the fact we have an understanding of how the other likes to work. It’s tough to say good bye to good friends but the blow was softened by the knowledge I would be seeing him again in Cape Town for the “Astrological Wedding of the Year” in early 2018. Shhhhhh. . .I can’t give away too many secrets but no, it isn’t me who is getting married!

And before I get too carried away with anything else, let me take a moment to boast I was the special guest on “Karmic Evolution” radio show with Sherri Horn Hassan. You can listen to the show on this link.  I also was a guest on the “The Turning of the Wheel” programme with the lovely Chris Flisher! A recording of the programme can be found on iTunes!

Back into the Starry Classroom

One would think that with all the travelling I do I would have given myself more time to recover from jet lag but oh no, I was up most of my first night back in London and then straight back into the classroom the next morning. But I do have to concede that it was great to be back to doing what I love doing. In case anyone is wondering why or how I’m teaching over the summer, I work at a language school teaching English as a foreign language. It’s a bit crazy and ramshackle for my liking but the kids are lovely, it’s part-time work and it fits into my schedule very nicely.

And speaking of my schedule, I have a ton of stuff to get caught up on before the deluge of preparing for the conference in India hits. This August is jam-packed with writing articles for some of the best, most prestigious and cutting-edge astrology magazines in the world. I’m far fussier about who I write for and I do my homework on distribution and social media outreach. And what a difference it has made to my personal profile. Easily one of the smartest things I’ve ever done: it instantly changed my mindset to be paid as a professional, to see my work professionally presented and to have articles up where others are actually going to read it. More on this once the articles are published.

On the Road Again

It’s another hectic tour coming up this autumn, this time in the good old United Kingdom.

The Wolf You Feed, Alex Trenoweth

Alex Trenoweth will be lecturing on the topic of her upcoming book on Saturn cycles.


My first stop is a local one with the Woking Astrology Group. This group hosted me for one of my first professional lectures way back in 2006, a full Jupiter cycle ago and I’ve been back quite a few times to see how the group has evolved and changed. I’m delighted to have the honour of speaking about my next book, “The Wolf You Feed” which will be out very soon. Getting the second book out was a certainly a challenge, not helped by my indecision on whether to self-publish or to get someone else to do the fiddly work. In the end, I opted for the latter and I’m just blown away by my sensibility in doing so.

Alex Trenoweth Lectures for the Scottish Astrological Association


The next lecture will be on the 13th September for the Scottish Astrological Association. This will be my first time speaking for the SAA so I’m rather excited to be heading to Edinburgh, another city I really love.

For this lecture, I’ll be talking about how astrology can help teachers and parents help the children in their care to get more out of their “free” education. In factory-model schools, pupils can truly get lost in the crowd but there is a very simple and easy solution found in astrology.

Alex Trenoweth, The Wolf You Feed


The final lecture of this tour is with the Brighton Astrology Circle. Brighton Astrology Circle is chaired by my very good friend Julian Venables who I met a very long time ago at the FAS Summer School in Oxford. The topic for this lecture is the “Wolf You Feed” but features different charts of celebrities than the lecture in Woking.

Julian, along with Dr Nicholas Campion, Dr Dennis Harness, Lynn Bell, Roy Gillett, Maurice Fernandez and most of the ISAR board (as well as many other speakers from around the world), is also one of the featured lecturers at the conference in India. Can’t wait to see him in a sherwani again!

Back-to-School Special

Can’t make it to these lectures? I can also help teachers and parents by offering private consultations. As most teachers are probably just recovering from a long academic year, I’m offering a special rate which will run until the end of `September. In this special astrology consultation (to my knowledge not offered by any other astrologers), I can help teachers identify their weak points before the kids do (and if you’re a teacher, you know exactly what I’m getting at). I will organise your class lists, give advice about lesson plans for each year group and target the learning needs of difficult pupils before things get to the point where they are irreversible. It’s the secret way to a happier classroom–and a less stressed out teacher! The special Back-to School Special is UK£60 or US/CAN/AUS $75/hour (other currencies available). Book by contacting me at or via my contact page.

Still unsure? One of the hardest parts of choosing an astrologer is deciding whether or not the advice given is actually going to be helpful. If a live consultation is too “full on”, why not take advantage of the “Growing Pains” Back-to-School special?

The majority of my consultation work is done with parents and their children so the special rates also apply to them. I also give private tuition in most subjects so whether it’s just a confidence booster or extra, targeted lessons to secure those A*s, I’m available in the evenings by Skype to help. I know from personal experience one-to-one lessons are well worth the investment! You wouldn’t expect to get quality goods for free so why would you not invest a little money in making sure your child gets a good education before they (or you) start paying those crazy tuition fees?

Alex Trenoweth, Astrology in the Classroom

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