Alex Trenoweth
9 Ways to Use Astrology to Help Your Child Cope With Secondary School (2016)
October 6, 2016
Alex Trenoweth
Newsletter: Back to School September 2017
September 6, 2017
9 Ways to Use Astrology to Help Your Child Cope With Secondary School (2016)
October 6, 2016
Alex Trenoweth
Newsletter: Back to School September 2017
September 6, 2017

Newsletter: June 2017

Alex Trenoweth

“The Trials and Tribulations of Saturn in Pisces”


I always advise parents and teachers to get to grips with their Saturn so believe me when I say I’ve been giving my Saturn a top notch workout.

These past few months have seen some crazy scheduling, some full -throttle research and the kind of organising and diplomacy skills that only come from  years of experience in a classroom. Yes, I’ve been a little busy and lest I tempt fate, allow me to thank the gods that be for the guidance it takes to get a mucky pup like me through the chaos that comes from life on the starry highway (more on this in a minute).

It has been my absolute pleasure to work with Kepler College as a guest tutor for both a free community webinar as well as a full ength webinar on astrology in education. I was also a special guest for International Astrology Day speaking on the topic of the “Future of Astrology”. Astrology sceptics might find this hard to believe but I too am quite sceptical about many astrological techniques (folks, your results need to be replicable by anyone) and opinions. I loathe poor research and lack of attention to detail (guess who now has three progressed planets in Virgo?). So to be recruited at the ISAR Conference to become involved with this astrological institution was a fantastic honour–and it was great fun too. Then there’s my nerdy research that was included in Robert Currey’s list of scientific studies into astrology.

I also offered an extensive online webinar on Reaching For the Stars for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency (CIA) followed by (wait for it) a full length webinar for the Mercury Internet School of Astrology. Now if you follow my blog and posts on Facebook, you’ll know I can be a bit of a smart ass at times but the one thing I am dead serious about is bringing astrology to the classroom. I see astrology as a tool to help authority figures understand the children in their care and I passionately think far more should be done at the crucial stages of development (such as adolescence) to prevent addiction, anorexia,  prison mentality and a lifetime of trying to repair the damage brought about by intentional abuse or well intended “support” (don’t get me started on how one school counsellor is meant to serve the needs of 1000+ pupils). In fact, as much as I loved writing the weekly and monthly horoscopes for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency, I’m taking things so seriously that I decided to temporarily stop writing horoscopes for the time being so I can focus on more edifying projects. My yearly horoscopes are still available on this site and on the CIA site and I promise, the weekly horoscopes will be back very soon. But stay tuned–I got some goodies coming your way as well as some tasty articles coming out for the CIA!

And with the aforementioned stellium of progressed planets in Virgo, I’ve had quite a cull of other links and projects that just haven’t been working out. I went through my records and made some executive decisions: if I haven’t sold books, covered expenses, made links through social media or other means and/or been paid for my time, I’ve cut the cord.  The Saturn in Pisces in me wants to help find a use for everyone and everything but the Virgo in me has been absolutely ruthless. Suffice to say I have found a very comfortable cruising altitude that is really getting me to where I want to be (hint: my 2018 calendar runneth over and 2019 and 2020 are filling up very nicely). By the way, successfully promoting me on social media goes a very long way ;)

One thing I’m doing differently is that I’m branching out with my topic material and getting involved with worthwhile magazines (not just astrology magazines) across the globe. What is worthwhile I hear you ask?  I want to be involved with cutting edge research, networking opportunities (substantial audiences) and I want to be paid for what I write. I mean, for goddess’ sake, why have I been giving out my good stuff to small audiences for not a whole lot in return? That’s insane (I blame the lack of planets in the element of earth in my chart)! The past 10 months have truly been eye opening and when people like Melanie Reinhart, Glenn Perry, Rob Hand, Rick Levine and Steven Forrest take an interest in what I’m doing well then I must be doing something right. And I need to focus on my fiction writing too.

Having said all that, I’m not entirely stingy and heartless. Here are a number of free astrology articles that I’m promoting this month (yeah but no nicking the contents!):

Marilyn Monroe 1 June

Allen Ginsburg 3 June

Liam Neeson 7 June

Joan Rivers 8 June

Judy Garland 10 June

Barry Manilow 17 June

Ian McEwan 21 June

Meryl Streep 22 June

So on that note, I put together a webinar for The Relationship Club on “Astrology for Parents and Children”. For this series of webinars, I was joined by my very good friends Armand Diaz, Margaret Grey, my Astro brother Samuel Reynolds and the event was hosted by the delightful Dorothy Oja. And how marvellous is it that all of us are coming to the conference in India!?

And speaking of this conference in India, it’s been quite full on with organising the speakers and their topics. Without giving too much away, just let me say how fabulously everything is shaping up. I’m particularly pleased to be working closely with CIA and the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA). If you are a member of either of these organisations, you are eligible for a 10% discount on the cost of the Institute of Vedic Culture’s conference in Kolkata 31 January-4 February 2018. Not sure if you can manage a trip to India? First of all, let me assure you it’s not as expensive as you might think. Flights are as cheap as they would be to any other part of the world and the expenses are significantly less than they are elsewhere. If you’re worried about being overwhelmed by culture shock, well I have the article that might help.

And so on this hot and sultry day in Philadelphia, let me give you a little taste of the future. . .

Yup, I started on the West Coast via a Greyhound journey from San Francisco to Seattle, lectured at the fantastic conference that was NORWAC, visited family in Detroit, hung out with the good folk of NCGR Philadelphia, had a bit more down time and am planning a high powered lunch in NYC but I’ll be giving LIVE workshops for the next three weekends.

San Diego NCGR

Las Vegas NCGR

San Francisco Astrological Society

I’ll be back in the UK in July teaching English this summer (did I mention I also take private pupils?) and then speaking at the Scottish Astrological Association, the Brighton Astrology Circle and the Woking Astrology Group in September. And then hopefully all the paperwork will be completed for me to spend extended time in India in my role as Vice Principal and International Secretary General for the Krishnmurti Institute of Astrology.

There’s more stuff coming up in South Africa and Australia, another US tour next year, a conference in Italy and in 2019, I’ll finally be hitting South America. It’s a busy life but it beats the hell out of watching TV. And it’s all the more reason to keep my Saturn in Pisces very busy!

About me

As you can see, I am an astrologer. You can read more about me in my biography. I’m also an educator who uses astrology to make me a better teacher so I can get the best out of my students. You can read about how I do this here. Or you can buy my book “Growing Pains” which is available in kindle format or paperback (and if you’d like a signed copy, you can contact me to arrange this).

If you’re a teacher, I can help you to set up your class lists to make your difficult (and under appreciated) job more manageable and enjoyable. I can also give you lots of tips on how to engage your pupils better and help them find what interests them.

If you’re a parent, I can offer advice on how to make the most of your most important investment: your child. I do this by working with you and your child together.

I also offer one-to-one consultations to help you find direction, give you some encouragement and even re-direct you to a more fulfilling life path. I do this using astrology, Tarot and palmistry. I also offer frequent courses and workshops on these subjects. There are various recordings on sale on this site too.

I lecture all over the world but the majority of my work is done by Skype. You can contact me at AstroAlex1984 or you can email me alex.trenoweth@gmail.

If you’d like to find out more about what I’m doing, when my webinars are happening and when new articles are posted, why not subscribe to my free newsletter? Or you can visit my blog, Facebook page or follow me on Twitter.

I know it’s hard to get a feel for a person from a written script so here are a couple interviews so you can see me in action.

Thanks for stopping by!

Best Wishes,


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