Elvis Presley

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November 26, 2015
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November 26, 2015

Elvis Presley

Alex Trenoweth

Astrologer Alex Trenoweth examines the life of Rock-n-roll icon Elvis Presley with the language of the heavens.

Astrologer Alex Trenoweth examines the life of Rock-n-roll icon Elvis Presley with the language of the heavens.

Elvis Presley was born on 8 January 1935 at 4:35am in Tupelo Mississippi (Rodden Rating: AA ; Collector: Rodden) with Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Aquarius. His first public performance was on 3 October 1945 as Jupiter was in square aspect to his Sun, just after transiting Saturn has opposed it. A few months later, he received his first guitar. Growing up in a largely African-American neighbourhood, “The King” would have been very influenced by what was around him and along with a love of music, is very much in line for someone with the Moon in Pisces.

Just after a series of three Jupiter returns in 1947, he completed his first on-air performances. After moving to Memphis Tennessee when he was 13 years old, his first of three Saturn oppositions took place just over a year after his final Jupiter return. Thus the time he spent in astrological adolescence was very short. Elvis grew up quickly.

Shortly after Saturn opposed itself in 1948, it also made a series of oppositions to his natal Moon in Pisces. Although this does not typically indicate a happy time, it would seem the move to this new place would have made a deep impression on the young lad. His musical skills were being disciplined and homed. Habits formed during adolescence are extremely important because they often set the native up for life.

In 1954, as Jupiter opposed his Sun in Capricorn, Elvis’ musical career began. A few years later as transit Jupiter opposed and transit Saturn was square to his natal Moon, Elvis began his film career. Jupiter opposed natal Pluto when Elvis was drafted into the US Army and shortly after, his mother died.  Around this time, he met a very young Priscilla Beaulieu, who would become his wife a Saturn square later.

In 1960, as transit Saturn was conjunct his natal Sun, Elvis was discharged from the army. During his two years in service, you had released 10 top 40 hits and had sold some 75 million records. This year would see his last public performance for a Saturn square.

Jupiter had just opposed Saturn in 1967 when he married Priscilla and the realisation that the combination of formulaic records and films had damaged his career was dawning: record sales were markedly down. Jupiter opposed his natal Moon when Lisa Marie was born. It signalled a time of great unhappiness with his career. Shortly after her birth, Elvis started making plans for his comeback. By 1969, when Jupiter was conjunct his natal Neptune, Elvis seemed to have found his way musically. He met President Richard Nixon just in time for his third Jupiter return in 1970 and was enjoying international fame. Elvis’ success had a disastrous effect on his marriage and he and Priscilla divorced as his Saturn was conjunct his Chiron in 1972, after both had admitted affairs. Elvis was suffering a worrying decline in health but continued a grueling touring schedule.

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