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The Sibley Chart
October 2, 2011
Barry Manilow
June 8, 2014
The Sibley Chart
October 2, 2011
Barry Manilow
June 8, 2014

George W. Bush

George W Bush’s administration was dominated by accusations of vote-fixing and nepotism during the election of 1990 and later of war-mongering in the wake of the terrorist attacks of September 2001. Nevertheless, he was re-elected for a second term. Reports indicate his popularity rapidly declined during his second term with threats of impeachment over alleged violations of the Genevaconventions and his administration’s justifications of the war in Iraq. His presidency ended with several magazines naming him as being the worst president ever.[1],[2],[3],[4],[5]

Although transits alone could explain Bush’s spectacular downfall, the deeper issues found with the comparison of his birth chart to the chart of theUSAwill be explored.

Both charts of George W Bush (hereafter abbreviated to GWB) and the Sibley chart contain strong characteristics of the sign of Cancer. The country’s identity and its leader can be said to be sensitive, nurturing and protective with strong leadership qualities owing to planets in the cardinal modality. The suns are conjunct with less than a minute’s difference, indicating strong ties that each should be able to identify within the other. They would share similar planets in their solar returns which should deepen a sense of destiny between the two (as well as the rest of the world). In a mundane chart, the Sun represents the nation’s collective identity and essential character whereas the sun in a natal chart represents an individual’s identity. Though I’m sure GWB’s birthday being so close to Independence Day would have been commented on, I’m not so sure this worked out in his favour. Having such a close identity might spark off rivalry or competition: GWB may come to represent all that is wrong with the nation and the nation may wrongfully blame him for its own faults in character simply because they are so easy to identify (because the nation has the same general character). After all, the nation’s Saturn is square to GWB’s Sun. Shortly after his re-election, Bush was severely attacked by the nation’s conservatives.[6],[7],[8] Generally speaking, because the Sun is square Saturn in the nation’s chart, all leaders would be subject to sharp criticism from the nation’s conservatives. GWB was exceptionally vulnerable to personal attacks because his sun is conjunct the nation’s. Further, GWB’a sun/moon midpoint (at 15 degrees 14 minutes cardinal signs) as well as his asc/des midpoint (at 16 degrees cardinal signs) falls on the nation’s Saturn.

So where did it all go wrong? After all GWB must have been popular at one point because he was not only elected, he was re-elected. The indirect sun/moon midpoint of the nation falls on GWB’s natal Venus indicating the combined identity of the nation and its people quite simply loved GWB. One reason may be his sun’s sesquiquadrate aspect to the nation’s moon which in a mundane chart represents the common people. With the sesquiquadrate aspect, the people may have seen him as someone who was going to offer something different: they had had enough ofClinton’s administration and therefore of GWB’s contender for office, Al Gore. The problem with the sesquiquadrate aspect is that it can take a long time before one realises it just isn’t going to work out. By the time the people understood this, they had already re-elected him to second term. With the double-whammy of the conjunct suns, the people were attracted to GWB because of the brilliance of the promises he made. With his P. Saturn on the nation’s Venus during the first election campaign, the women (or the people connected with social pleasures) of the country may have been warmed by the commitment he presented. By the time he had taken office, his P, Sun was square to the nation’s Jupiter in Cancer: he had outlined an ambitious domestic agenda but in the wake of 9/11, he was unable to deliver what he had promised. I think this, along with GWB’s Sun sesquiquadrate to the nation’s Moon goes some way to help explain his popularity in his election and first term and his unpopularity in the second. There are, of course, other astrological factors.

In terms of “personality,” there are further distinctions to be made when comparing GWB’s chart with the chart of the collective nation. Beginning with the elements, with the exception of the N Node in Leo, the Sibley chart has no fire. Without intentionally diminishing the role of the N Node, this lack of fire can indicate the nation has (or seems to have) a lack of energy or the inability to meets targets. In contrast, GWB’s chart is strong in fire, particularly the sign of Leo. The planets in Leo in GWB’s chart include the ascendant, Mercury, Pluto and Venus, all suggesting the former president’s self confidence, leadership abilities and warm heartedness. Over time, this elemental contrast may cause the nation to view the negative Leo traits of brashness, pride and arrogance. Quite simply, the sun’s glare becomes too much.

Both charts are strong in the element of air but the sign emphasis is different. GWB’s chart has a stellium of planets[9] in the sign of Libra whereas the Sibley chart has an Aquarian Moon and both Mars and Uranus in Gemini. The differences are especially apparent when considering GWB’s Moon in Libra and the Sibley chart’s Moon in Aquarius. Libran energy is one of harmony and getting along with others for the pure enjoyment of it whereby the Aquarian energy is one of retaining a sense of individuality and of distancing oneself from others. As an individual, GWB would need to feel he can create relationships with others or make things comfortable for everyone. GWB wanted everyone to have a nice time and speak nicely to each other (Moon in 3rd). The problem is that both signs have very different ideas of having fun and different ways of communicating. The common people of the nation (represented by the Moon in Aquarius) would need to distance themselves either through being rebellious or by maintaining a more humanitarian stance. For example, GWB was heavily criticised for his lack of action in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. An astrologer might recognise his Libra Moon and forgive him for not wanting to get his hands dirty but the common people perceived his lack of action as a serious lapse in humanitarian duty.[10]

Further, the phases of the moons are also significant: the Sibley chart shows the moon approaching the disseminating phase whereas GWB’s shows a first quarter phase. The Sibley chart, with its disseminating[11] moon, is a nature likely to credit itself with wisdom it has acquired through experience. In contrast GWB was frequently criticised for his inexperience and impulsiveness (he was very quick to call a war on Afghanistan and Iraq), attributes that might be expected from someone with the Moon in its first quarter phase. GWB’s “trigger happiness” may also be attributed to the Nation’s Mars trine GWB’s Moon/Jupiter conjunction and sextile to his Venus: GWB felt comfortable and confident that he could activate the military into action and Venus suggests he felt approval in doing so. Also, the Nations’ Uranus was trine to GWB’s Moon indicating he was thrilled by the revolutionary nature of the nation (he served in the National Guard and later transferred to the reserve air force). A further aspect is GWB’s Uranus on the nation’s Mars and it is interesting that by progression his Uranus was exactly conjunct this Mars when 9/11 happened and he declared war on terrorism (the conjunction occurs in the 7th house). GWB was from a generation that experimented with military weapons, the effects of which we do not yet understand. Finally, GWB’s Uranus was conjunct his N Node. Its connection to the nation’s Mars suggests the military operations of the nation would drastically alter the course of his life.

The Sibley chart has a strong southern hemisphere indicating a need for a high public profile and a sense of satisfaction through achievement. GWB’s chart is weak in the southern hemisphere but strong in both the eastern and northern hemispheres. People with a strong eastern hemisphere emphasis tend to need plenty of freedom and like to work independently whilst people with a strong northern emphasis tend to need a family to feel secure. An example of how this worked out in his life can be found in the following example: biographical accounts indicate that GWB grew up in a secure home but in the interim between college and marriage, he was frequently in trouble of one kind or another and even received a fine and had his driving license suspending for driving under the influence of alcohol. Without the support from family, he just found himself in trouble. He credits his wife for “putting up with my rough edges” following the DUI.[12] It could also be suggested that the nation’s Venus square the Neptune of GWB would make indiscretions involving alcohol (or other drugs) quite intolerable. The law of the land, represented by Jupiter in the nation’s chart is in semi square to GWB’s Venus indicating his values were caused conflict with the nation’s. Also the nation’s Jupiter was square to GWB’s Neptune which could indicate GWB misunderstood the laws or philosophical/religious views of the nation. GWB’s Mercury semi square nation’s Neptune. Baigent et al note thatNeptune in the mundane chart represents oil but it can also represent war through misunderstandings and delusions. Bush’s misguided pursuit of Osama Bin Laden through the mountains ofAfghanistan made him a laughing stock the world over (and he never did find him).

The conjoined suns of the nation and GWB give a double intensity to any solar aspect that exist between the two. Besides the nation’s Moon sesquisquadrate to GWB’s Sun, GWB has a stellium of planets in square aspect to the Sun: Chiron, Jupiter and the Moon in the 3rd house. Jupiter tends to blow things out of proportion and in GWB’s case, it was probably the manner in which he expressed his emotions. On a personal level, the presence of Chiron indicates there must have cause wounding of some sort: either he over-reacted when he shouldn’t have or under-acted when he should have done something. If he hadn’t been a public figure (people with a twelfth house sun as a ruling planet tend to be stuck in the background) then probably no one would have noticed he had this tendency. Because he was a leader and also because the sun of the nation picks up this aspect, this tendency was often commented on—and more often than not, he was ridiculed. There are also GWB’s famous gaffes (“they misunderestimate me” for example) which could be attributed to conflicts within the 3rd house. A semi square between the Nation’s Mercury and GWB’s Mars may enhance misunderstandings of GWB’s intentions. One example of third house conflicts is GWB’s “No Child Left Behind” policy which was meant to close the gap in academic performances between the rich and poor. Though many people contend the policy has been successful, other have criticised it for being under-funded and too dependent on high pressure quantitative outcomes.[13]

Normally, a conjunction between a Nation’s Mercury and an individual’s Saturn would be considered favourable because Saturn stabilises the somewhat nervous energy of Mercury and it makes for deep and meaningful discussions. In GWB’s case, however, I think it is a weakness and Saturn served as a communication barrier between himself and the people. GWB’s intellectual prowess has been a source of amusement throughout his presidency. His accent was made fun of and his (apparent) lack of education was continually satirised by comedians and other politicians. Also the nation’s Pluto was opposite to GWB’s Saturn, indicating any re-structuring may prove to be a problem.

The conjunction of the nation’s Saturn with GWB’s Jupiter and Moon should be a positive aspect. Saturn rules the 2nd house of the Sibley chart, the house of the nation’s economics, indicating a conservative approach to spending. However, the presence of Pluto indicates a menacing undercurrent of hidden deals and self destructive impulses. In 2001, GWB attempted to talk Congress into issuing a 1.35 trillion dollar tax-cut programme which was meant to stimulate the economy and create jobs. However, by the end of his presidency, the national debt, unemployment figures and poverty rate had increased with a decrease in average household income. Bush’s over-confident speculation had created a major hole in the nation’s economy. The collective annoyance of the nation to GWB’s aggressive actions to boost the economy can perhaps be seen in the Uranus square to GWB’s Mars. Natally, his Mars was in the 2nd house and viewed astrologically, the way he burned through cash may have been perceived as holding back the progress of the nation’s employment.

With his Jupiter close to the IC, it is easy to see why GWB was often accused of nepotism. Further, GWB’s Mars was sextile to the Jupiter of the nation suggesting that though they had different values, GWB was able to use the country’s religious stance to further his own goals (the nation originally approved of his “All American country-boy” outlook).

Buoyant and sociable and with his Moon and Jupiter on the Saturn of theUSA, GWB perhaps was just too much for conservative America GWB’s. His Uranus and N. Node, trine to the nation’s Saturn, should have added an element of diversity to the traditions ofAmerica. However, it would seem that the country just wasn’t ready for him.

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[9]Neptune, Moon, Jupiter and Chiron

[10] Similar conclusions could be come to when one considers that GWB’s Moon is opposite the Nation’s Venus

[11] At 136 degrees behind the sun, the moon is on the border of being in it full phase.  I tried to use an interpretation that had elements of both the disseminating and full phases

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