Harmonic Case Studies: 7H (Jim Morrison)

Alex Trenoweth
Harmonic Case Studies: 5H (Jim Morrison)
October 2, 2011
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October 2, 2011

Harmonic Case Studies: 7H (Jim Morrison)

Alex Trenoweth

Astrologer Alex Trenoweth examines the life of Jim Morrison

David Hamblin indicates that a connection between planets in the 7H chart is romantic in nature. The native is inspired by the idea of bringing them together and may fantasise about this which affects his view of the world. An immediate reaction to the 7H chart is one of more ease than that of the 5H chart because there are more trines, suggesting that Morrison could more easily and fluently bring his fantasies to life without so much effort. Although the chart contains a T Square (Node, Moon, Mercury), the 7H chart has more trines and fewer squares and sextiles. Perhaps it can be suggested that the expression of his view of the world (which is affected by his imagination) was far more unconscious than his struggle to find a style simply because he didn’t have to fight so hard to let his fantasies incarnate into reality.

However, this is not to say there was no struggle with the 7H chart. The most frequent aspect is the semi square as it is in Morrison’s natal chart so it is a struggle he was used to coping with, a familiarity of sorts.

With Mercury trine MC, Morrison delighted in communicating with the world. Hamblin adds that Mercury adds an element of persuasion so that others will give us respect and admiration. Morrison’s fantasies may have included being adored for his intellect.

The Moon makes a trine to the 7H chart ruler, Venus, suggesting that Morrison was inspired by an awareness of beauty and femininity. Hamblin adds that this aspect can also lead to effeminacy in men or being inconstant with women. With Venus conjunct the ascendant, it is likely Jim wanted to be attractive to his audience. It is quite easy to joke about who might be the love of Jim’s life with Venus conjunct the ascendant in 7H. However, Venus is at the tip of a semi square from both Chiron and the sun. Hamblin suggests that semi squares are insignificant in themselves unless they are a part of a configuration. The planet that is semi square to the other may represent a missing quality. The sun in Jim’s case, would be how he identified himself in his wild fantasies. Sun square to Chiron might indicate how he may have needed to suffer to express this fantasy of himself, as we saw echoes of in his 5H chart. Jim perhaps made himself suffer as part of his fantasy of self. The sun/Chiron square in semi square to Venus then suggests he may have felt his own beauty or attractiveness disrupted his fantasy. Maybe he felt his external attractiveness took away from his fantasy (Neptune was conjunct his descendant but out of orb to be an opposition to Venus) of being a “Rock God” or perhaps he didn’t feel he should be happy in his fantasy.

The grand trine with the Sun, Uranus, Saturn shows that Morrison was able to use restraint together with innovation to express his fantasies. Morrison did not have this type of flow of energies in his natal chart. Perhaps it can even be said there was a need in him to showcase this ability or to seek situations when he could express it. It is a combination of control and restraint with unpredictability, surprise and brilliance. Morrison needed others to see him as a type of tragic figure and he may have used this to shock or surprise people. Yet, with Jupiter square MC, his growth may have been limited by a belief that there was something holding him back in his career.

Morrison may have swung between the extremes of pure rational thought and expressing pure emotion (Moon opposite Mercury). He may have dreamed of situations where he could choose between one or the other rather than trying to reconcile them continuously (natally the Moon and Mercury made no connections at all).

Finally, Morrison had Mars quincunx the Sun in the 7H chart. Hamblin notes that this can inspire great physical magnetism but in Morrison’s case there was is an unease about it with the quincunx aspect. He may have been uncomfortably aware of his physical body or the effort he needed to put into his performances to entertain his audiences. Maybe he just didn’t like people to him sweat. Like the semi-square, the quincunx can be used productively to produce excellent results–provided the native doesn’t burn himself out first.


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