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May 3, 2021

New Chart Calculator!

I’m very pleased to be able to offer a new course with Sydney Astrology School as well as a FREE chart calculator service in May 2021!Curious about your “Big Three” or which sign your Jupiter or Satrun is in? Well you can find out for free! All you do is go to this link to enter your details in the new chart calculator! A massive thanks to Esoteric Technologies for all their help in setting this up! Special Offers! Did you know I offer special consultancy rates for parents (with the purchase of an adolescent report?Are you interested in learning more about how to support […]
February 24, 2021

Astrology for Teachers

So much has changed since I first wrote this article (based on my research in “Growing Pains”) way back in 2015 that I had actually forgotten I’ve never posted it on my website! In all that time–even with the article published on Astrodienst–there has been nothing but the chirp of crickets for Astrology in Education in the media. “Astrology for Teachers” was intended to help busy teachers organise themselves and streamline their workload as well as address some of the issues that are relevant for adolescents. I had hoped for bigger things for this article. But it does seem to […]
February 20, 2021

Astrology for Parents

In 2020, it was my very great pleasure to write a column on Astrology and Children for the Organisation for Professional Astrologers (OPA). Astrology for Parents is the second instalment. It quickly became apparent to me that addressing the pitfalls of working with children by using astrology needed to be addressed. This area in astrology is unchartered and opinions around the ethics of reading charts for children vary. My opinion is that unless the astrologer has adequate qualifications and experience in working with children (beyond parenting) then it is safer to not offer this kind of service. And no astrologer, […]
June 4, 2020

Safeguarding and Child Protection in Astrology

This article was originally published in the Organization for Professional Astrology magazine, The Career Astrologer in March 2020. It is the first part of a four part series. Safeguarding and Child Protection guidelines are pretty much universal in agreement. These guidelines aim to do exactly as they say. Adults who work directly with children receive special training that enables them to protect the children in their care. The training also protects the adult from unwittingly putting themselves in compromised positions. In schools, this training is regarded to be so important that it is updated at the start of every term. […]
April 24, 2018

Childhood Education: A study by a teacher and astrologer

This article on astrology and education originally appeared in Dell Horoscope, the world’s leading astrology magazine. My new article “When a Flower Speaks” appears in the May/June 2018 issue. Dismissed for their lack of precision, non-replicable results and miniscule databases, modern day astrologers are often ridiculed by their skeptics. Can astrologers step up to the scientific plate or will they go down with the pseudoscience ship? In my role as a schoolteacher, the bias against being an astrologer was so great that I was actually threatened with dismissal should any parent complain about my interests in the subject. As I […]
May 9, 2022

Interview with Pam Gregory!!

I was interviewed by the amazing Pam Gregory and suddenly my life has pretty much exploded! There I was quietly getting on with ridding myself of things that weren’t working and lamenting things that I thought were losses. And here’s where lessons were learned: yup I lost a few things but they were doing nothing but holding me back and making me miserable. Once I realised this, new projects, opportunities and connections (welcome new subscribers!) had plenty of room to take root. So here’s an example: In 2013, after a full Jupiter cycle, I set myself the task of writing […]
April 11, 2022

Mirror Mirror: The Crown

I like to push the limits so I couldn’t resist giving “The Crown” the “Mirror Mirror” treatment. As chance would have it (!) I recently met Leigh Hughes who was in my very favourite (though tragic) episode “Aberfan”. I thought Jason Watkins was amazing as Harold Wilson and was nothing short of perfect (I love you Jason). As you will see from this article published in the ISAR Journal, there are incredible connections! And of course, after a long convo about films, I couldn’t resist a selfie with Leigh! Please do get your copy of “Mirror Mirror” from Amazon! Living […]
April 8, 2022

Another fabulous review

Thank you so much to OPA and particularly Arlan Wise for the thoughtful review of “Mirror Mirror”. Arlan gave me the best ever compliment: “Alex works with children and she knows how to make learning fun”. Thank you Arlan. You can download the full PDF of The Career Astrologer at: You can also order “Mirror Mirror” from Amazon at:…/dp/1910531553/ref=sr_1_1… This book teaches synastry from an unusual perspective using the cinematic lens. Author Alex Trenoweth chose 100 biopics (movies about real people) to demonstrate astrological connec- tions between the main character, the actor who portrayed the character, and the […]
April 7, 2022

Cycles of Child Development in Astrology

I believe it is important to work with children’s charts. However, firm boundaries need to be made and only astrologers with the right training in child protection (including police clearence) should be working with  the charts of children. For many reasons, astrologers should never compromise their consultancy practices by working with unspuervised children. However, understanding the cycles of child development in astrology is a useful tool for the toolkit of any astrologer. For a parent who is struggling with understanding their child (particularly their teenager), this tool is particularly useful and can be easily shared by an astrologer. For those […]
April 2, 2022

Amazon’s Top 100!!!

I don’t write the type of astrology books that are likely to make it to the top of Amazon’s Top 100. Sun signs aren’t my thing and goddess help me, I couldn’t write a “how to learn astrology” book. The kind of astrology book I wanted write is the type that demonstrates all the really cool things astrology can do. My first book, “Growing Pains” explored the Jupiter and Saturn cycles and how they relate to child development and education. “Mirror Mirror” explored synastry and transits of famous people, the actors that portrayed them and what was happening astrologically that […]
February 16, 2022

Astrology Parent Hack!

Last summer I had the pleasure of being interview by the wonderful Steffie James who is the astrologer for several magazines and radio stations. We discussed an astrology parent hack that can really help parents and teachers understand the children in their care. Stef and I met at the Astrological Lodge of London a good decade ago. She was just getting started on her astrological journey so it was fun to catch up and see how far she’s come. Stef is a new mother and I love how she wanted to use astrology to bring out the best in her […]
February 5, 2022

The Stuff I’m Getting Up to. . .

Well. . .it seems like life is slowly returning to normal and I have a few astrology events coming up. I’ve managed to return to the classroom and I even had a Christmas getaway at a Devon castle with two very big doggies. But it has seemed a bit overwhelming to pull things together–like I’ve gone from 10kph to 100kph in a very short space of time. Of course all this activity is very much helped out by the success of “Mirror Mirror“. Two of the major accomplishments of this busy time was working with Nadiya Shah again (check out […]
January 18, 2022

Another fab review for “Mirror Mirror”

Getting a new book out there is so exciting. And a lovely review just stokes those fires of happiness. This review comes from Victor Smoot who is the editor of the ISAR Journal. You can buy your copy of “Mirror Mirror” going here: “Researcher. That is what her bio says about Alex (check the end of her article “The Crown” in this issue). Her new book is about research into something she just loves – biographical films. ‘Research’ is such a serious word, and an arduous process, but one that ISAR values most highly. This research comes out of the fun of investigating what you love.  The […]
November 18, 2021

5-Star Amazon Review for “Mirror Mirror”

I’ve received such great feedback for my latest book, “Mirro Mirror: The Astrology of Famous People and the Actors Who Portayed Them”. The book was so much fun to write but so heavy with data, it was hell to edit. Anyway, me and my publisher Margaret Cahill (The Wessex Astrologer) finally did it! Here’s the big reveal! And here’s the full review from Anne Whitaker: An original piece of astro-research: a labour of love and obsession Subtitled ‘The astrology of Famous People and the Actors who portrayed them’ Alex Trenoweth’s latest book has given her a great opportunity to unleash […]
September 21, 2021

Astrological Dreamwork: Out With a Bang

I love Astrological Dreamwork because our subconscious very often gives us such a great insight into complicated situations and emotions. In this interpretation, the Dreamer wanted to make a quick exit to stage left. But things take a rather unusual turn. Whatever could it mean? #dreamwork #astrology


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