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    Alex Trenoweth's United Astrology Conference lecture. Book for astrology consultations

    Alex Trenoweth lecturing at the United Astrology Conference, the largest astrology conference in the West.

    To view types of astrology consultations that are available  with me, please visit the shop. If you are unable to travel to any of the many conferences where I will be lecturing, you may wish to purchase a webinar instead.

    My travel adventures are updated via my blog.

    You can also read conference reviews for the United Astrology Conference and many others.


    Consultations (tarot or astrology) are available via Skype or MP3 recordings with an appointment. Book via the contact page or by emailing me at directly.

    Please note there is a 2-3 week waiting list (sometimes longer!) for consultations. Emergency appointments are sometimes available (by MP3 recordings only).

    Guest Lectures

    Alex Trenoweth is available for astrology consultations

    Alex Trenoweth’s articles have appeared in Dell Horoscope and other fine magazines such as ISAR, Constellation News and OPA and have been translated into Bengali, Hindi, German, Portuguese and Spanish (other languages pending!).

    I am available for guest lecturer appearances. Please see the calendar for conferences, book signings and other events. I will be in the US at the end of 2018 and in the autumn 2019. I’ll be in India January 2019 and again late 2019 and beginning of 2020.

    Astrology and Tarot Classes

    I’ll be teaching astrology and tarot in the autumn of 2018. Further information will be available soon.

    Books, Books, Books,

    I have a very intense writing schedule! There are lots of goodies in store, including my exclusive Back-to-School guide for parents and teachers. I’ll be updating frequently so keep stopping in!


    And oh yes, I can still be found in a classroom teaching children. I tried to “retire” from school teaching a couple of years ago. I only lasted a few months before I was missing the challenge. But I now think I have found a good balance between my teaching career and life on the road as a lecturing astrologer.