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Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley
January 8, 2020
Janis Joplin
“Trading Her Tomorrows”
January 19, 2020
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley
January 8, 2020
Janis Joplin
“Trading Her Tomorrows”
January 19, 2020

The British Royal Family and the Great Conjunctions

Great Conjunctions

It was my very great pleasure to contribute this article about great conjunctions to the Career Astrologer, the magazine of the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA). I was honoured to be in the same magazine with so many highly successful colleagues. And the magazine is truly fabulous and one of the best astrology magazines I’ve ever seen (and I might have to concede that it even surpasses my own!). Not a single duff article, no stuff for beginners (I’m not knocking beginners but a professional astrology magazine doesn’t need the basic information). Instead, it featured excellent research from astrologers from around the world. I’m happy to promote OPA and the Career Astrologer (you can download the magazine by clicking the link).

Stunning magazine cover by the fabulous Deborah James! (I’m so proud of her).

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In the coming days, I will be writing my yearly back-to-school guide for all the Jupiter signs so you can start the new school year with a little help from the stars. Subscribe to my website to join my newsletter to keep on top of special offers.

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And Now Back to the Great Conjunctions!

Johannes Kepler helped us to understand that great conjunctions occurred in the same elements for a couple hundred years, mutated into the next element before moving on to the next element. Thus the mutations between elements happen every few centuries. The period for which the great conjunctions occur in the same element are known as trigons. It takes about 800 years for the great conjunctions to occur throughout the whole zodiac.

When great conjunctions change element, the degrees repeat where they were in the previous elemental trigon. The next great conjunction will be in December 2020 at 0 degrees Aquarius within a couple of degrees of where it was in 1226.

Great conjunctions
From Kepler’s “De Stella Nova” published in 1606

The Crusades and the Air Trigon

The great conjunctions in the earth trigon began in 1007 and a notable mutation took place in 1186 in Libra when the third crusade was taking place. By this time, the crusades had been raging for some time. However what sets the third crusade apart from the first two is that it drew in leaders from Rome, France and England (Richard the Lionheart). The Siege of Jerusalam the following year, was a success for Saladin, the first sultan of Egypt and Syria.

This great conjunction was a mutation. The next great conjunction was in Taurus in 1206. In 1226, the great conjunctions stayed in the element of air until 1425 when the great conjunctions were in the element of water.

The Wedding of Charles and Diana and the Air Trigon

Until 1981, the Great conjunctions had been occurring in the element of earth since 1802. As in the case of the previous change of element, the mutation was in Libra, then back to Taurus for one great conjunction before moving into the element of air until 2199.

The great conjunctions in Libra in 1981 very neatly marks out the “Fairly Tale Wedding of the Century” of Prince Charles and Lady Diana.

Very interestingly, it is assumed the royal family would have an astrologer working on the wedding. However, it appears the astrologer may have been calculating the great conjunctions using right ascension rather than ecliptic longitude.

The first of the conjunctions took place (using right ascension) on 14 January 1981 when the couple was very much in the thick of serious dating. Charles proposed on 3 February but this was kept secret until the 24 February 1981, just a few days after the second great conjunction on 19 February. Their wedding took place on 29 July, the day before the third great conjunction. Although the eclipses might explain a couple of the events, they don’t explain the delay in announcing the engagement. Could the astrologer in question have used the wrong information? (NB: astrologers use ecliptic longitude)

The dates of the great conjunctions using ecliptic longitude are: 31 December 1980, 4 March 1981 and 24 July 1981.

Newspaper headlines described the wedding as “perfect” and celebrated the very famous kiss on the balcony.

Well we all know the marriage didn’t last and the People’s Princess died before the next Great Conjunction in 2000—the last one in the element of earth for several hundred years.

Algol and the Great Conjunctions

In 1206, the great conjunction took place at 25 degrees Taurus. This is within one degree of the current position of the fixed star Algol—a very important point in the charts of the Royal Family: Princess Diana and Prince William have Venus conjunct Algol as did Edward the VIII whose marriage to Wallis Simpson created the Adbdication crisis of 1936. Queen Elizabeth II has her IC on Algol with Saturn opposing it.

In 1206, King John was on the throne. He was such a disaster that he lost Normandy (1204), was excommunicated by the pope (1205) and the Magna Carta (1215) had to be written to protect English subjects from his well known avarice. King John spent much of 1205 and 1206 securing England from invasion by the French. King John is notable for having produced at least fifteen illegitimate children. He is also remembered as being the main villian of the Robin Hood stories.

In May 2000, the great conjunction again took place within three degrees of Algol. Although a three degree orb is a little too far away from a fixed star, the great conjunction opposed Prince Andrew’s Moon in Scorpio. During 2000, he became entangled with Jeffrey Epstein and is now paying a very heavy price. As the Sun transited his Moon last week, he gave a “car crash” of an interview where he denied having sex with a minor. He insisted he could not have done this as on the night (10 March 2001) because he was having pizza with one of his daughters. Saturn was conjunct Algol during this time.

Great Conjunctions

Koo Stark met Andrew near to the time of the great conjunction of March 1981 and Koo, who is just about the only person to have defended him, has Mercury on Algol. Andrew has now been stripped of Royal duties, he has lost many patronages and looks set to be also stripped of military honours.

Great Conjunctions in Aquarius

In 1226, the great conjunction took place at 2 degrees Aquarius. During this time, King John’s son Henry III was on the throne. This year saw some more adjustments to the Magna Carta, giving the document more authority to prevent the monarchy from stepping on the rights of commoners. This year was also the death of Francis of Asissi who is notable for trying to bring an end to the crusades in 1219.

The Great Conjunction of 21 December 2020 will occur at 0 Aquarius. This is a change to the trigon of air so the great conjunctions will remain in the element of air until 2199. The three main players in the succession of the royal crown of England are the Queen, who has her Sun at 0 degrees Taurus, Prince Charles who has his Moon at 0 degrees Taurus and Prince William who has Jupiter at 0 Scorpio. I think it’s also worth mentioning that the Uranus of the abdication crisis was at 6 degrees Taurus—exactly to the degree it will be during the next great conjunction.

The change of trigons has long been seen as times of change. The current Queen is of such an advanced age, it seem inevitable she will soon pass the crown to her son who has waited a long time to become king. But is he and his consort up to the job? How long before William takes the crown?

In another article, I have said that I think that 2020 could be the fourth time in British history that there have been three kings on the throne in one year. I based this reasoning on the current British Royal family’s connection to Algol. If you’d like to read more, please go to this link:

And just to add. . .the Queen and Meghan had an eclipse on their ascendant-descendant axis this week and Harry and Meghan “resigned” (good for them after the appalling way press has treated them!). As I said in my article on Algol and the Royal family. . .the last time an American divorcee married a British Royal, it caused an abdication.

Alex Trenoweth
Alex Trenoweth
Alex Trenoweth, MA, DFAstrolS is an astrologer, teacher and author of "Growing Pains", "The Wolf You Feed" and the soon-to-be-released "Mirror Mirror" by The Wessex Astrologer. She travels across the globe lecturing on the topic of Astrology and Education. In 2015, she was voted "Best International Astrologer" for her innovative research on astrology and adolescence. Her work has been published in major astrological magazines around the world such as Dell Horoscope, the International Society of Astrological Research, the Organization for Professional Astrologers and she is co-editor of "Constellation News", one of the largest astrological magazines on the planet.


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