mercury retrograde

May 9, 2022

Interview with Pam Gregory!!

I was interviewed by the amazing Pam Gregory and suddenly my life has pretty much exploded! There I was quietly getting on with ridding myself of things that weren’t working and lamenting things that I thought were losses. And here’s where lessons were learned: yup I lost a few things but they were doing nothing but holding me back and making me miserable. Once I realised this, new projects, opportunities and connections (welcome new subscribers!) had plenty of room to take root. So here’s an example: In 2013, after a full Jupiter cycle, I set myself the task of writing […]
February 21, 2020

In Praise of Mercury Retrograde

Oh we’re in silly season again. When everyone is blaming poor old Mercury for everything from computer meltdowns, plane crashes, lost mail and late buses. As my laptop crashed WHEN MERCURY WAS IN FORWARD MOTION in December 2019, I didn’t even realise Mercury was retrograde until I heard someone try to blame Mercury for a computer problem (yes I told him off). Oh and my beloved cat died while Mercury was in forward motion. The last time I published this article, Mercury was also in retrograde motion. So I’ll continue to let this stand as a testament that Mercury retrograde […]


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