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ISAR 2014: “Growing Pains” Alex presented her research in astrology and education for the first time in the US ($15.00)

Drawing on her extensive experience as an astrologer and high school teacher, Alex Trenoweth demonstrates the pattern of growth and development during adolescence using the transits of Jupiter and Saturn. The placements of these planets provide valuable clues to how a person learns and then finds meaning in the lessons of life. Parents and teachers can apply this knowledge of astrology to help their adolescents navigate the treacherous waters of growing up.

Astrological Association 2015 “The Day the Music Died” The astrological story of the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, Ritchie Valens and their pilot. $5 (even less if recordings of other lectures are purchased)

Astrological Association 2014 “Astrology in Adolescence” 5 (even less if recordings of other lectures are purchased)

Article “Adolescent Behaviour and Lunar Phases”, available from the American Federation of Astrologers book

Uranus: The Frankenstein Factor, from Astrology University, ($20)

The discovery of the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, have “coincided” with major paradigm shifts in philosophy, literature and medicine. Beginning with Herschel’s discovery of Uranus, Alex explores the impact of this event on religion and scientific reasoning and the eventual emergence of the one greatest examples of Gothic literature, Frankenstein. Considered to be way ahead of its time, the controversial book still haunts our collective dreams well into the 21st Century and begs the question: Have we made the world of better place or have we simply made life a more terrifying existence?

In this live webcast with UK-based astrologer Alex Trenoweth, we’ll look at correlations between Uranus and Shelley’s nightmare vision along with the increasing emergence of cloning, genetic engineering, and other scientific forays into “playing God.”

“A Light in the Darkest Alleys”, a lecture from International Academy of Astrology, 2015 (AUS $9.95)

“A Light in the Darkest Alleys” with Alex Trenoweth. How may authority figures help children build the best foundation and what may happen if external circumstances wash away that base? Transiting Jupiter and Saturn to the natal positions form the building blocks of our lives: if the foundation is not firm, the entire structure will eventually collapse. Using the charts of highly successful people as well as people deemed to be “failures”, Alex Trenoweth explains how astrology can illuminate the darkest corners of our lives.

The Astrology of Gone With the Wind” Podcast with Jessica Adams (free)

“Growing Pains” interview with Alex Trenoweth on “Turning of the Wheel” with Chris Flisher (free)

Kepler College, Community Webinar (free), 2017

Professional teacher and astrologer Alex Trenoweth discusses the general principles of using astrology to enhance the quality of children’s education. This webinar is designed for those with no prior knowledge of astrology as well as astrologers.

Jupiter, the planet of confidence and the leap of faith, shows when important growth stages take place.

Saturn, the planet of discipline, shows when and how the growing stages require more effort and discipline.

Drawing her many years of experience, Alex shows how, with just a few minor adjustments, parents and teachers can use simple astrology to help improve learning engagement, enjoyment of learning and reduce behaviour difficulties associated with boredom and lack of progress.

Kepler College: “Growing Pains”, 3 hour workshop, US $49, 2017

In this workshop, Alex will explain in fuller detail how the developmental milestones in children can be explained by using the cycles of transiting Jupiter and Saturn. Using statistical analysis, she will demonstrate how behaviour in children changes as they get older, culminating with the major neurological developments during adolescence. She will also include information on her research study of serial killers.

This webinar is suitable for beginner astrologers who have attended  the workshop (or viewed the recording below) or astrologers with an understanding of the astrological planets.

Mercury Internet School for Psychological Astrology (MISPA), $42, 2 hours, 30 minutes workshop, 2017

MISPA is the on-line version of the prestigious Centre for Psychological Astrology founded by Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas.Most astrologers only work with adults and so do not have the experience of working with children. As a teacher of all ages, Alex Trenoweth is both experienced and suitably qualified to work with under 18s. Moving away from the idea of a birth chart as a fixed entity, she will demonstrate how and why Jupiter and Saturn transits form the basic building blocks of life and how authority figures can use this information to become better role models so they can get the most out of the children in their care.

Spica Astrology (with Tahran Read): Connecting with Confidence, part one in a series of three webinars created for back to school, £30

In this Webinar, hosted by Tahran and Alex, with special guest healer Eric Richardson, we go into the important fundamentals of Home and Sanctuary.

With all of the noise going around in the world today, in politics and the media and elsewhere, we chose the topic for this webinar to remind people to reconnect with their inner Sanctuary. We use the symbolism of Astrology to define this for a person, with examples, not only from a psychological or spiritual point of view, but also a more hands-on practical daily living point of view as well. What does your sanctuary space look and feel like, and what you can do to connect with it wherever you go. These and other practical aspects of the astrology and healing arc are be presented.

WHAT YOUR PURCHASE INCLUDES:  A full recording of the webinar, plus the downloadable content: Moon Cheat-Sheet to help you understand your natal Moon, a Workbook with case study and reflection points.

Spica Astrology (with Tahran Read): Family Dynamics part two in a series of three webinars created for back to school, £30

In this webinar we will discuss the important and involved topic of Family Dynamics, and how this important exchange impacts the child, the parent, as well as the family as a whole. Specifically, we will touch on the following key areas:

The role of siblings, pets, grandparents, siblings, and friends
The role of child and parent in the common themes that flow witihin your family from generation to generation, and how this can impact your parenting style
Understand the key people and family themes that shaped your childhood, and how these can be harnessed for success in life right now

A full recording of the webinar, plus the downloadable content: Key Concepts to help you understand your child’s learning needs, a Workbook with case studies and reflection points and access to post-webinar special offers. The Key Concepts and Workbook are emailed out a within a week before the webinar.

Spica Astrology (with Tahran Read): Learning and Growth, part three in a series of three webinars created for back to school, £30

This webinar is suited to those who have or work with or supervise children, particularly those responsible for their development in terms of learning and training.

A full recording of the webinar, plus the downloadable content: Key Concepts Workbook with case studies and reflection points and access to post-webinar special offers. The Key Concepts and Workbook are emailed out a within a week before the webinar.

Cosmic Intelligence Agency “Reaching for the Stars” coming soon


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