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October 28, 2017
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Astrology Coaching
December 12, 2019
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Tarot Classes


Classes in learning how to read Tarot cards, leading to a certificate from Rohini Academy of Astrology.

In this intro to Tarot Course, you will earn how to read tarot cards in a fun environment. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet new, like-minded people! The 7 week class will allow you to become familiar with the meanings of the cards. You will practice with fellow classmates and learn how to develop your intuition in a safe environment.

Please bring your own tarot deck. There may be a few decks to borrow if you’d like to “test drive” new ones.

The class will meet on Saturdays from 1-2pm from 19 October-14 December (no class on 26 Oct or 23 Nov) at The Mill, 7-11 Coppermill Lane, Walthamstow E177HA

The cost is £10 per class or £60 for the full course. Successful completion of this fun course will lead to an introductory level certificate for Tarot from the Rohini Academy of Astrology and Other Divinatory Arts.

The Tutor of Intro to Tarot

Alex Trenoweth is a fully qualified, professional astrologer with 30 years of experience. Impressed by the holistic approach to studying astrology in India, she created Rohini Academy of Astrology and Other Divinatory Arts.

The aim of the Academy is to allow Westerners to comfortably explore their intuition. We will use tools such as astronomy, palmistry, tarot and other forms of divination.

A full syllabus will be available very soon.

Upcoming Webinar: Astrology for Parents

On 16th October 7:00-9:30pm (BST), Alex will be leading a webinar for parents. The course title is “Astrology for Parents: Helping Your Child Develop Their Strengths”. The cost is £35 for 90 minutes via Zoom. The content of this exciting workshop is based on Alex’s book “Growing Pains”.

Participants will receive interpretations of their Jupiter and Saturn signs as well as a print out their birth chart.

New Tutor: Ehsan Khazeni

Persian scholar and developer of Bindu astrology software, Ehsan Khazeni will be giving a course on Astrology and Geomancy. Details of this course will be released very soon.

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