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Follow up Sessions for Teachers



Choosing to be a teacher is a very tough road. Overwork, pressure to attain unattainable targets and a never ending stream of marking can leave teachers feeling wrung out and ready to find a job that’s easier. “Astrology for Teachers” was created to keep devoted teachers in the profession. The follow up sessions for teachers is a unique opportunity most astrology clients don’t have.

Very often a chart consultation is forgotten about once it has finished and the client does not have the opportunity to feedback progress (or lack thereof) to their astrologer. These follow up sessions for teachers give you the chance to discuss your progress and assess personal and professional development as a teacher. You can offload the difficulties you are having to a sympathetic ear and even benefit from the advice from a very experienced teacher.

Follow up sessions: Generally, these are 20 minute check in sessions. I’ll encourage you to stay on goal path and update you on current and upcoming trends.


Also available:

Support with difficult classes: I’ll help you organise seating plans, develop suitable schemes of work and assist you with devising a day to day schedule that works with your natural talents to reach your goals within and outside of your teaching career. This requires advance preparation (on my part) as well as a 20 minute consultation

£45.00/session (for 2 classes, £15 per class after this)

Alex Trenoweth’s Credentials

Alex Trenoweth, MA, DFAstrolS is both a professional astrologer and schoolteacher. She studied with the Faculty of Astrological Studies and earned their diploma in 2015. Alex also has an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology (2007) from Bath Spa University and an honorary PhD from the Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology (2018) for her groundbreaking research on astrology and education. She is one of the few astrologers in the world who has full DBS clearance and ample experience and qualifications in child protection.

Further Reading

Written information about Alex’s research can be found here:

Lunar phases and Behaviour

This paper was the result of a research grant from the American Federation of Astrologers in 2015. It was published in the AFA’s journal. It was further developed for the Institute of Vedic Culture’s conference magazine, Constellation News which is now featured on The article later featured in National Council for Geocosmic Research‘s magazine Syzygy and the Astrological Association of Great Britain’s highly respected Correlation.

Child Development

This article describes the key stages of child child development as mapped out by Jupiter and Saturn

Astrology for Teachers

Alex is passionate schoolteacher who fully credits astrology for keeping her in a career that most people leave in 5 years.

Developing Research Ideas

This paper for Organisation for Professional Astrology explains how Alex collated her data and describes the inspiration behind the research.

The video presentation of Alex’s research in Kolkata India can be found here.

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