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Individual Astrology Reports for Adolescents
October 20, 2020
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Absolute Beginners!




Most people are familiar with their “Star” sign through media horoscopes in newspapers and other popular outlets. However, astrology is experiencing a new surge of interest and everyone wants to know more about the Ancient Art.

Rohini Academy of Astrology (RAA) is led by two highly experienced astrologers (Alex Trenoweth and Ehsan Khazeni) who believe Astrology deserves respect for its scholarship and diversity. We employ tutors and visiting scholars from other astrology schools with world-view perspectives and specialisms within the field of astrology to teach our elective classes, workshops and courses. We emphasise spoken language skills to practice engaging with future clients and conference attendees.

RAA Magazine

Once a quarter (Feb, May, August and November), we will release the RAA magazine which will feature the work of our students and will provide updates of what our students and staff are getting up to.

RAA Conference

At the end of each academic year in November, we would like to give our pupils the opportunity to present their research to fellow students, tutors and the general public. Prizes will be given to students from each level.

Level One A:

Dates: 7, 14, 21 January, 6pm GMT

Absolute Beginners:

Three classes covering simple astronomy, history and symbols. We will cover orientation of round charts used in Western astrology such as the Angles, planets and rulers and will learn about the major aspects.

Cost: £30 per lesson or a special price of £45 if all three classes are booked at once

Successful completion of Level One A entitles you to take nine Level One B classes for £230 (more information on this level soon)


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