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Getting children to reach for the stars academic year 2018
2018 Academic Year
August 11, 2018
Trenoweth's astrology conference prizes
Astrology Conference Review: Portugal
August 19, 2018
Getting children to reach for the stars academic year 2018
2018 Academic Year
August 11, 2018
Trenoweth's astrology conference prizes
Astrology Conference Review: Portugal
August 19, 2018

Kindergarten 2018

Kindergarten/Year 1

For parents and teachers of children born 26 June 2013-15 July 2014

Kindergarten 2018: New School Starters!

This article is for the parents or teachers of children who are 5 years old at the start of the academic year 2018. For US students, this will be the kindergarten year. For UK students, this will be Year One.

For an introduction, go here.

For an overall picture of child development, go here.

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Children born 1 September 2013-31 August 2014

Jupiter in Cancer

The home you never want to leave

Jupiter in Cancer or Leo, Cancer is dominant

Jupiter in Cancer learners need to believe that what they are being taught will enable them to nurture others. They want to feel at home in the classroom so be careful when re-arranging what they perceive as “their” space. Be sure to warn them of upcoming changes to their routines. Giving them small responsibilities allows them to feel as if they are contributing something valuable to their “family” of classmates. When re-delegating these roles, allow time for them to handover their responsibilities to others so they can concentrate on their new tasks. These students thrive on helping others and they tend to enjoy history-based subjects. They tend to be uncomfortable with the spotlight so an awareness of this discomfort around tasks such as individual presentations or drama-based activities will help them develop their confidence.

For those children born during the winter and spring months, be aware that issues of power and control are at the forefront of their learning. They learn how to dominate others (including parents and teachers). This tendency needs to be channeled into putting themselves in a strong position to be of service to others.

Other Jupiter in Cancer learners: Bruce Willis, Steve Jobs, Kurt Cobain

Jupiter moved into Leo on 16 July 2014

Getting children to reach for the stars

Jupiter in Leo are the younger children of the kindergarten year 2018

Born late in the academic year, Jupiter in Leo learners would be in the minority for this academic group. Although small in number, they may seem to be more confident and find themselves in trouble for being “attention seekers”.

But Jupiter in Leo learners do need to learn how to share the stage. They may dominate classroom discussions if they are allowed to. Be aware that these pupils can be quite bossy when it comes to delegating responsibilities: they like to think they know best and will not appreciate being told otherwise. Do try to avoid head-on confrontations but instead guide them to do the right thing by everyone else. Group work can be awkward if they don’t understand the premise of cooperation and fair play. Take the time to establish ground rules on talking time (a stop watch can help) and clearly defined roles for everyone in the group. Many of these learners will be motivated to learn if it means they can show off their skills. Teach them how to be respectful members of the audience.

Learning partners

Most learning activities involve discussing new concepts in pairs and small groups. Understand the learning dynamics of students gives teachers a wonderful insight into how students learn from each other. Incorporating this into lesson plans makes observers and inspectors very, very happy.

Jupiter in Cancer learners working together tend to encourage each other in the habit of going over the same things again and again. To them, familiarity is comforting. They will need stimulation to help them develop new ideas and material. They are suspicious of new things (and can be quite vicious because they are protecting their territory). Give them a little extra time to explore and acclimatize.

A Jupiter in Cancer with a Jupiter in Leo learning partner can be an imbalanced relationship. The shy Jupiter in Cancer can be overwhelmed by the Jupiter in Leo and simply step back and let them take over—unless there is something that ignites their passion. Jupiter in Cancer tends to fight for the underdog and will teach Jupiter in Leo about compassion and understanding. The Jupiter in Leo learner will coax the Jupiter in Cancer out of their shells. Both learners can support each other if this dynamic is understood.

External Advice

Some external advice for how to turn the classroom into a more homey atmosphere.

And some other advice for how parents can help children develop confidence.

Saturn in Scorpio

Authority figures need to be aware of their own Saturn in order to be effective. There will be more on this in future posts.

Saturn in Scorpio learners will take an interest in taboo subjects: sex, the occult and the essentials of human psychology are likely to be on their lists of things to learn about at some stage in their lives. Authority figures need to be unflinching in answering difficult questions and/or adept at pointing them in the right direction to look for answers. They like it when you squirm in embarrassment (don’t let the innocent expressions fool you). Establish yourself as a person who explains why learning topics are important and who understands how to get things done.

Other Saturn in Scorpio learners: Tom Hanks, Prince William, Madame Marie Curie and John Travolta

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More Jupiter and Saturn Signs through the academic year.

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Alex Trenoweth
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