This section is where I’m parking my celebrity profiles on the cycles of Jupiter and Saturn. Originally, they were published on my blog. They were intended to be short and easy to read other than stand alone articles.

As I accumulated more material, I thought they might get more exposure on my main website. The process of transferring material sounds far easier than it actually is. Transferring “stuff” these days is not just a cut and paste job. Back in the good old days, when I was young and foolish and knew nothing about tags, SEOs, social media and whatnot, it was pretty straightforward. Now I have a virtual editor who raps me on the knuckles every time I write a complex sentence, don’t use enough subtitles or string too many words together (whoopsie). The editor also dislikes the passive voice. Or if I use a word that might send a reader scrambling for a dictionary.

However, going through these old articles has been a surprisingly good exercise. They remind me of where my head was as an astrologer. And my head was striving to get people to think beyond Sun signs. That was at least was a piece of my passion for bringing astrology to education. I may be grumbling about the work it takes to re-format the old stuff but it really is a work of love.

Profiles and Data

And the other good thing about reformatting old stuff is that I have the opportunity to update all the data.

So. . .without further ado (drum roll please). . .here’s a list of the celebrity profiles:

1:Allen Ginsberg, “beat” poet

3 June 1926, 2am, Newark NJ (Rodden Rating:B; Collector: McKay-Clements )

Jupiter in Aquarius, Saturn (r) in Scorpio

2. Amy Winehouse, singer, Club of 27

14 September 1983, 10:25 pm, Southgate UK (RR:A; Collector: Clifford)

Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Scorpio 

3. Anna Nicole Smith, TV personality, Playboy model

28 November 1967, 3:15am, Mexia TX (RR:C; Collector: Scholfield)

Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Aries.

4. Barry Manilow

17 June, 1943, 9:00, Brooklyn New York (RR: A; Collector: Rodden)

Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Gemini

5. Ben Stiller

30 November 1965, 17:35, New York NY (RR: A; Collector: Rodden)

Jupiter in Gemini, Saturn in Pisces.

6. Thelma “Butterfly” McQueen, Prissy in “Gone with the Wind”

7 January 1911 (no time), Tampa FL

Jupiter in Scorpio, Saturn in Aries.

6. Diane Keaton

5 January 1946, 2:49am, Los Angeles CA (RR: AA; Collector: Wilsons

Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Cancer