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June 4, 2020
Safeguarding and child protection in Astrology

Safeguarding and Child Protection in Astrology

This article was originally published in the Organization for Professional Astrology magazine, The Career Astrologer in March 2020. It is the first part of a four part series. Safeguarding and Child Protection guidelines are pretty much universal in agreement. These guidelines aim to do exactly as they say. Adults who work directly with children receive special training that enables them to protect the children in their care. The training also protects the adult from unwittingly putting themselves in compromised positions. In schools, this training is regarded to be so important that it is updated at the start of every term. […]
June 1, 2020
Jupiter-Pluto conjunction

The Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction

This article on the Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction featured in the Spring Equinox edition of The Career Astrologer and was then selected to be featured in Astrodienst, one of the largest astrology sites in the world. Quick Commercial Break! Before we go any further, please follow me on social media. I’m active on Facebook, Twitter, youtube, Linkedin and and Instagram. If you’d like to have a chart reading, please make an appointment via my products page. My book “Growing Pains” is also available for purchase here. Even though we’re locked down, there are still plenty of online astrological events happening. You can check out my schedule here. […]
April 24, 2018
Alex Trenoweth

Childhood Education: A study by a teacher and astrologer

This article on astrology and education originally appeared in Dell Horoscope, the world’s leading astrology magazine. My new article “When a Flower Speaks” appears in the May/June 2018 issue. Dismissed for their lack of precision, non-replicable results and miniscule databases, modern day astrologers are often ridiculed by their skeptics. Can astrologers step up to the scientific plate or will they go down with the pseudoscience ship? In my role as a schoolteacher, the bias against being an astrologer was so great that I was actually threatened with dismissal should any parent complain about my interests in the subject. As I […]
October 24, 2020
Autumn Newsletter 2020

Autumn 2020 Newsletter

I figured I had better get my Autumn newsletter out soon or I’d lose track of all the stuff I’m getting up to! When we first went into lockdown, I honestly thought I’d spend my days playing Candy Crush or binge-watching Gordon Ramsey. I mean I’m a teacher and the schools shut down! Fortunately, I’ve managed to keep away from the games and instead focused on finishing off some long term projects. So here’s an update. Click the links for more information.My next book “Mirror Mirror: Famous People and the Actors Who Have Portrayed Them” is finally with the editors […]
October 1, 2020
Solar Writer Reports for Adolescents

Astrology Reports for Adolescents

After over two years of hard work, the computer generated astrology reports for adolescents and their parents are finally ready!! You can buy the program to generate the report here. If you would like to buy the beautifully illustrated individual report for an adolescent you love, go here. Steph Johnson of Esoteric Technologies had approached me at UAC 2018 and asked if I’d be interested in doing these reports. I had an idea of how much work they would take. I anticipated there would be difficulties that stemmed from the peculiarities of writing for adolescents. Foremost in my mind was […]
September 15, 2020
Harry Potter

The Growing Pains of Harry Potter

This article on the astrology of Harry Potter was featured on Astrodienst and is also available as a YouTube presentation. By the way, on the day there were 6 of the 7 traditional planets in their natural houses (except Venus), Venus was transiting Harry Potter and JK Rowling’s Sun in Virgo. Rowling was taking quite a bashing on social media for her upcoming book. On the 26 June 1997, as Mercury was conjunct the Sun in Cancer, the first in a seven-part series of Harry Potter books – originally written for children – was published. Some people might say the […]
September 14, 2020
Lockdown Learning With Jupiter

Lockdown Learning With Jupiter

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to host my good friends Sonal Sachdeva, Sol Jonassen and Mychal Bryan for a panel discussion on Lockdown Learning With Jupiter with the Cosmic Intelligence Agency. We talked about astrology and learning styles, especially for the benefit of parents who are having to home educate their children during lockdown. Each panelist had a particular way of using astrology to help their clients. Sol, a healer as well as an astrologer, spoke about the esoteric nature of Jupiter. Mychal spoke about his experiences with Jupiter in Virgo and how he fits in the astrology […]
September 13, 2020
When a Flower Speaks

When a Flower Speaks Interview

I’m very excited to be speaking at the Breaking Down the Borders 5 online astrology conference on 8 November 2020 at 1pm EDT. My topic will be When a Flower Speaks. It’s a lecture that I’ve given before but I’m always collecting new mystical experiences. Please click the link to register. Alexis Duong interviewed me about my work in education as an astrologer as well as what my lecture is going to be about. Before we get to the interview, here’s a quick commercial break. A quick commercial break Before we go any further, please follow me on social media. […]
September 11, 2020

Astrology for Parents

Lockdown has been a difficult time for parents as they struggle to home educate their children with little to no guidelines and few resources. The Organisation for Professional Astrology (OPA) asked me to write a column on working with children’s chart ethically and effectively. This article is part 2. Astrology for Parents gives an outline on how astrologers can support parents. They not only have the toughest job in the world but have had to become teachers at a moment’s notice. A quick commercial break Before we go any further, please follow me on social media. I’m active on Facebook, […]
August 31, 2020
Alex Trenoweth

Keanu Reeves

Before we go any further, please follow me on social media. Subscribe to my newsletter if you would like to learn more about astrology from a fully qualified professional. I’m active on Facebook (@growingpainsadolescence), Twitter and Instagram. If you’d like to have a chart reading, please book via my products page. My book “Growing Pains” is also available for purchase here. Don’t forget there are lots of astrology conferences happening all over the world. I update my website with new articles on Monday and Saturdays. 2 September 1964, 5:41 EET Beirut Lebanon 33 ̊N53’035 ̊E30’ C; collector: Rodden Jupiter in […]
August 25, 2020
Astrology and Biopics

Mirror Mirror: Famous People and the Actors Who Portrayed Them

Astrology and Biopics: Simply down to excellent makeup, brilliant acting and wonderful direction? Or could there be more to the story?
August 16, 2020


#HappyBirthdayMadonna #astrology
August 12, 2020
Mychal and Alex

Interview with Mychal Bryan

Mychal Bryan contacted me for an interview a few months ago. Not only was he utterly charming, he really knew his stuff!! We spoke about Western and Vedic astrological techniques. We also discussed the ‘conflict’ between Psychological and Traditional astrologers. In particular, he wanted to explore my research into astrology and education. Mychal was the perfect host and I enjoyed our virtual time together. Make sure you watch to the end when a ‘coincidence’ of such profundity occurred that I can hardly believe it. In addition to his rich talents in divination, Mychal runs fabulous classes in yoga and spiritual […]
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